Our Products

We supply & deliver sawn English Hardwoods Timber & Firewood across Norfolk & Suffolk from structural Oak framing beams, posts & sleepers to Larch cladding and Douglas Fir.

All our timber produced at the sawmill is green, therefore suitable for the construction of Oak frames, cart lodges, pergolas etc.

Our supplies of Oak Timber are sourced from managed woodland within the Eastern counties whenever possible, the logs are graded to suit each individual order.

We supply:

English Hardwoods and Softwoods - Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Larch & Douglas Fir

Air Dried Bressumer Beams - for use in fireplaces (limited stock)

English Oak - Beams, Joists, Gate Posts and Structural Timbers

Oak Beams, Posts, Studs and Braces - Supplied to order

Gate Posts with four way weathered tops - Supplied to order

Douglas Fir & Larch cut to order - Structural Timbers

Larch Cladding & Posts (cut to order)

New Oak Sleepers  2.4 metres x 200mm x 100mm (other sizes cut to order)

Softwood Sleepers 2.4 metres x 200mm x 100mm

Hardwood Wood Chip - Loads Supplied from 1 cubic metre, suitable for garden paths etc.

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